The Magic of Schoolbuses

When I take my child anywhere I have to put him in a carseat lest he be killed by the teeming millions of careless and downright dangerous drivers. Failure to put him in such a seat would earn me scorn from my neighbors and tickets and fines from the police. I have just one question.

How is it that my child becomes magically protected from harm by boarding a schoolbus?

When he's on a schoolbus he needs no helmet, carseat or seatbelt of any kind and yet he is "safe". How can this be? Are there inertial dampeners as on Star Trek or is there some arcane magic at work? We really ought to deploy this technology/magic more widely. It seems like it would be a great way to fund the public schools. License the technology to automakers and airlines. Military pilots and race car drivers. The applications are limitless. We'd have the best funded schools on the planet. They'd be unable to spend it all.

Or maybe, it would just cost too much money and be too much of a hassle so they risk the lives of our children when we cannot.


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