Lucas stops making movies
He's a smart man. He has seen the writing on the wall and he knows that the mega-blockbusters are the past, not the future. He's going to make TV shows and smaller films (eventually). I think he's positioning himself to get into the "webisode" market. That is, subscriber based TV and TV made for portables. I've said this before, (to the point I'm a crashing bore with little new to say on the subject) and it's slowly gaining steam. Just as the internet splintered news into a billion pieces (blogs, online news outlets), web 2.0 is going to shatter entertainment media in the same way. The barriers to entry for distribution are now, very low. Previously, it was nearly impossible to distribute your product independently and hope to reach a significant number of people. Now you have iTunes and YouTube and GoogleVideo. It's all changing and that change is only going to accelerate.


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