I work with lunatics

Since I work at a candy company, you can imagine that Halloween is the King Mother of All Holidays.

Since I'm new, nobody saw fit to tell me that everyone it getting dressed for Halloween today.

I'm usually the first guy in the office. I support a number of people in Europe, the Baltics and Russia so my hours are a bit off. (Upside: I get to leave early. Woo Hoo!)

I walk in this morning and the maniacs here have erected two ENORMOUS pirate ships on the floor. They're probably 30 ft. long and 10 ft. wide each. They are replete with treasure chests, billowing sails (a fan billows the sails), cannons, masts and riggings. Each group is a different tech. team the wireless support team's ship is the "Blackberry Pearl". Awesome.

Each team is dressed as different theme. Aside from the two teams of matching pirates, we have a section of nerds, a team of ninjas, a haunted house is taking shape at the far end of the floor and is run by witches, ghosts, ghouls and the like.

I really wish I brought my camera.

Update: One of the ninjas just walked by. He's carrying a branch in front of him as camoflage.

Update II: Several of the nerds are wearing one Spock ear only.

Update III: Sea chanty music now emminating from the second pirate ship now christened "The Corporate Raider"


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