The Energy diet.

I wholeheartly agree with the article and it makes some excellent points about personal responsiblity. Each of us has the choice to reduce our consumption as we feel appropriate. The article indicates that the small things can add up. I agree with the lightbulb thing. I tried them and use them when I can but in some places they're just too dim. I like the motion sensor ideas esp. b/c my son has OCD which forces him to turn certain lights on in tandem and leave them on (even in the middle of the day).

In short, there's plenty we can do with little effort to reduce our energy consumption. That's exactly the sort of solution we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, not regulation and artificial cost increases.

Contrast that article with this one: Green Hypocrisy at 30,000. It galls me when I see environmentalists and moreso, celebrities lecturing me about my energy consumption from people who live in massive mansions, fly on private jets and are chauffeured around town in limosines. Spare me. Al Gore was recently spanked for his jet setting to lecture people about reducing their Greenhouse gases. To his credit, he acceded the point (albiet tacitly). That's not to say that he stopped flying. Rather, he now claims he'll be flying commercial. Right, sure. He may do so now but I'll be dollars to donuts he'll go back to private flights when people stop paying attention. Which should be right


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