Brits are completely insane

After arresting a teenage girl for requesting a new study group, Brits have now decided that a new surveillence should be implemented to buy beer.

The clubs and Avon and Somerset police, who are supporting the scheme, argue that it is not compulsory. Nobody can be forced to give a finger scan, which works by analysing a fingertip's ridges and furrows. However, the clubs admit they will not allow people in if they refuse to take part in the scheme.

Got that? Not compulsory. You won't be able to drink if you don't comply. Well, that's ok I guess. After all, this is something the pubs have decided as private entities to do to reduce crime, right? Well, no.

Some landlords were reluctant to sign up until they were told they faced having their licences revoked – and were given the incentive of being able to stay open later.

Emphasis mine.

So system wasn't compulsory for the bars either. They didn't have to comply, they could go out of business. They have a name for this.

Next they'll extend this to purchasing alcohol from stores. Their contention is that you can't argue with statistics. The results speak for themselves. Crime has dropped precipitously. Well, banning alcohol altogther would have the same effect. So would a manditory dusk till dawn curfew. (The former might not be far off if Brits continue apace to cede ground to Londonstanistas.)

Is it any wonder that the West Lothian question is again making news?

I can't make a convincing case that the two are related by my reasoning is this: While local governments are making insane rulings like the one above, they're made close to home. When such rulings come from afar they are viewed very differently.


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