And now for something completely different

I stand on the shore, barefoot. I rolled my khakis up but the rushing tide still gets them wet. The water is warm and I watch it recede toward the darkening sky. I hold my shoes in one hand and her hand in the other. The breeze pushes back my hair and I can taste the salt of the sea on the air. I feel the setting sun on my shoulders. I look back to see a massive orange red ball that shimmers in the haze, mocking me as it sets on my last day for the summer. We stand in silence. There’s nothing left to say. In a few minutes, we’ll part ways. We said we’d write and that we’ll see each other next summer but we both know neither is true. I turn to face her. She turns and looks up at me. Her eyes are crystal blue and catch the sinking sun. She looks at me expectantly. I don’t know if she wants me to say something or just kiss her. I search her face she doesn’t know either. I lean in and she closes her eyes in slow motion. She presses my lips to her and I wrap my arm around the small of her back. She draws in close and the sounds of surf and seagulls are drowned out by the blood rushing in my ears. Time freezes for an eternity. Our lips part and she’s looking at me again with eyes so pure and bright they seem unearthly. She buries her head in my chest and I hug her tightly. I can smell her hair. It smells faintly of flowers but mostly its her natural scent I breathe in. She pulls back and smiles at me. I can see tears are welling up in her eyes but she doesn’t want to cry. She turns to face the water for a moment and flips her hair out of her face with a practiced shake of the head. She takes my hand and we walk along the beach for the last time.


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