What a bad week to be a Democrat.

First, Zarqawi bites it. Next, the info seized from the raid is described as a huge treasure which leads to 104 insurgents killed in 225 raids and 28 significant arms caches.

The Senate votes 93-6 to stay in Iraq

YearlyKos shows the batshit crazy side of the Democrat party.

Really, I was worried that the Democrats were going to retake Congress. Now it appears far less likely even with an idiot like Hastert at the helm.

If nothing else, this is going to be amusing.


Donviti said…
ahhhhh but the faithful media is latching on to the missing soldiers so we will be right back where we need to be by the end of the week.

Not to mention all the bs going on about the possibility of a terror cell still sitting out there waiting to drop gas in the subway of NY.

it's good to be back!
Duffy said…
BS? Why do you think it's BS?

The missing soldier story is, indeed, horrible but I'm curious why we haven't seen a video of them yet. That seems odd to me.

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