'Warmongers' have a point: It's a war says Mark Steyn. The dots are firmly connected. There is no shortage of evidence that this is a global exchange with no limits on the theater. It's an information war as well as a shooting war. Unless or until we get serious about winning and not simply doing enough to get out of Iraq, this isn't going to end. On that point, Vanderleun gives us a dose of hard truth. We have become fat, dumb and happy again. The war in Iraq has ceased to be seen as a war of survival. Rather, it's a prism for political ideology. It's an area to score points against the other side. For conservatives, this is about supporting the President and The Party. Liberals see this as a War For Oil and Bu$hitler's Adventurism. Conservatives have forgotten that radical Islamists want to kill every single one of us. Liberals never believed it. Vanderleun and Steyn now play Cassandra. They warn us in stark terms what we are facing and what it will take for us to awaken from our slumber. It's the kind of sleep you have when the alarm has gone off and you've hit the snooze button. You're not awake, not asleep. Somewhere in that twilight between where dreams and realities mesh. It's that state of mind where you know you have responsibilities that are going to compel you to get up and do something but you're warm and sleepy and happy. Can't we just put this off a little longer, you wonder. The snooze button has served us well for almost 5 years now. It's long overdue to ring again.


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