Something rotten in the state of Persia. The document mentioned in this story is a fake. So says Michael Ledeen (or James Jesus Angleton, depending upon your point of view.

Notice that the AP story contradicts itself in the first 5 paragraphs. In paragraph one, the author says it was "among [the] documents found in the hideout of terrorist leader..." In paragraph five, Maj. General William Caldwell says it was found "prior to the Al-Zarqawi safe house."

Good thing we have the MSM editors hard at work to prevent innacurate information from making it to the public. Unlike those sloppy bloggers.

I have to side with Ledeen on this one. Personally, I'm suspect of any information they release that comes from the terrorists. I'm far more likely to believe the documents released from Saddam's regime. Largely because they are released untranslated and many of them have not been reviewed at all. The US military has a vested interest in disinformation campaigns and turning the information war to their advantage. We'll have to wait a decade or more before we find out what actually happened.


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