Great save by Keller

54:53 - 75:03

More acting by Ghana.


Finally one goes our way. The ref overlooks a trip by Olsen.

He's going off on a stretcher!? Are you insane!?

He deserves a card for that shit.

New rule: you go off on a stretcher, you cannot come back in for a minimum of 10 minutes.


Again with the drama. Anything to run down the clock.

(yes I know there is injury time but this is designed to kill US momentum)


Flagrant, flagrant foul by Mehnsa (sp?)

We need a goal right now.


Horrible Donovan, horrible. He hit the friggin reporters.

Italy up 2-0. You can't say they didn't do their part.


"Landon Donovan has not been a factor in this game" -Balboa



Time is running out.

We can't even put the ball on net.

Pingpong the actor strikes again.


Italy wins.


Shot! Blocked!


Announcers putting the final nails in the US coffin.


Another blown opporutnity. Send to Convey and it goes out of bounds. Horrible.

Full time.

US loses and deserves to.


Donviti said…
that makes 15 games for donovan without a goal

next time sponsors decide to put a player on a pedistal they should make sure he doesn't SUCK!@
Duffy said…
Donovan doesn't suck. He has been very uneven. Yesterday was a very bad day.

My only solice is that even if we had won yesterday we would be playing Brazil next against whom we had zero hope of winning.

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