Whoa. Will this change everything? This is a much more strident document than anything that ever would have come from JP2. Will this take hold? Will it be disseminated within the Church? Will B16's legacy be his resistance to Islamic fundamentalism as Communism was to John Paul? It's too early to tell and I've had a splinter in the back of my mind of late about The Pontiff. I see him and I get the feeling he won't be around long. He's in his 70's and was about to retire but he's still healthy. I really hate to say this, it pains me in fact but I get a sinking feeling when I see him. I watched him on the procession at World Youth Day and I was waiting for the bomb blast to claim him. If he continues to call for a confrontation with the totalitarian strain of Islam, an attack on him personally or the Holy See is all but inevitable. I ferverently pray I'm wrong. Very wrong.


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