Amid troubled times, Hollywood finds religion. The "troubled" here is not worldly troubles, rather, it's Hollywood bottom line troubles.

"We really haven't marketed to that group," Silver says. "I'm not sure why.

I can tell you. Hollywood looks down on people of faith unless its a powerful cult like Scientology or a fad that people don't take too seriously like the Kaballah. They live in a world so foreign to Middle America they cannot begin to either connect with them or create films they want to see. Everyone laughed at Mel Gibson and derided him as nuts until the receipts came in. Now greed has finally trumped derision. I still don't think they'll be able to make movies that put faith in a positive light featuring major stars. The film mentions Hillary Swank as a missionary who loses her faith. Will it show her returning to that faith as a conscious choice or show it as a crutch for a weak person? My bet is on the latter not the former.

I hope they prove me wrong.


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