The Bloody Borders Project aims to map the incidents of Islamic terrorism over the past few years. The phrase was coined by V.S. Naipul. It was something like, "Islam may be the Religion of Peace (TM) but it sure has bloody borders". Looking at the map, there's fire with that smoke. Islam stands on the edge of a knife. Which way will it fall? Into the hands of fanatics, never to return or to the secular, tolerant, sane side?
I am not hopeful. Nor do I think this will be a monolithic event. One way or another, this is going to come in waves. One side is going to overrun the other. I know where I cast my vote.
The danger, as I see it, is that if Islam becomes fanatical and Muslim countries become like Taliban ruled Afghanistan the West is going to have some real problems. An OPEC embargo would hurt them but it would cripple us. We would either have to bow and scrape before them in order to get oil. That puts us in bed with some very odious people (even more than we are now).
Alternatively, we can fight them and take what we want. That is empire and not something America is suited for nor wants. It is deadly and costly and over time, would prove ruinous.
Our only real way out is to see this through to the end and make sure democracy takes hold in the Middle East. Otherwise, we're going to be ripping up ANWAR and shale oil fields in very short order.


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