Much of the left is agonizing about torture and mistreatment by US forces of detainees in the GWOT. Wretchard linked to a page telling the story of the liberation of Dachau.

Waffen-SS soldiers executed by I Company, 157th Regiment, 45th Thunderbird Division during liberation of Dachau: "Soon the advance scouts (of the 45th Division) were joined by other Allied soldiers and one of the German guards came forward to surrender with what he believed would be the usual military protocol. He emerged in full regalia, wearing all his decorations. He had only recently been billeted to Dachau from the Russian front. He saluted and barked 'Heil Hitler'. An American officer looked down and around at mounds of rotting corpses, at thousands of prisoners shrouded in their own filth. He hesitated only a moment, then spat in the Nazi's face, snapping 'Schweinehund,' before ordering him taken away. Moments later a shot rang out and the American officer was informed that there was no further need for protocol."

Oddly, I think their summary execution of the Waffen SS troops speaks to their humanity. Normal people, when faced with evil, will try to destroy it. When faced with injustice (especially on this scale) they want to right that wrong. It's a reminder that even in "the good war" people did things that were against international law even though, IMNHO, they were right to do.


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