Dappled Things has an explanation of the difference between celebacy and continence as it relates to the clergy. While he's technically probably correct (I have no idea) it seems to be splitting hairs. Whether it's chastity, celebacy or contenence the rules are simple: No sex outside of marriage. It's clear that rule was broken. IMNHO, he should be sent to work with the poor in Calcutta and I have no idea what her punishment should be. I was going to say excommunication and that may be correct. (NB: excommunication does not mean you are permenantly kicked out of the faith. Rather, it means you cannot come back until you repent and mend your ways.) It may seem unfair to excommunicate her but not him. Quite the opposite. Excommunicating him would let him off the hook too easily. He seems to be suffering from the sins of pride and lust (hold on...I have a mote in my eye...). Both of those need to be dealt with harshly. One thing that bugs me to no end is when people of great authority abuse that authority and suffer no consequences. It's the old adage of to whom much is given, much is expected. I do hold him to a higher standard because of his vocation and his position. Methinks the Bishop should make an example of him. We've seen too many who did far worse get off too easy.


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