I've talked about this one before and I contend that not only are the Palestinians waging war against Israel, they are engaging in a proxy war against us. Further, the EU knows this and they are funding this proxy war by giving countless euros to Arafathead and turning a blind eye to how the money is spent. According to this article: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=54963 An MEP from Germany's Green Party said exactly that.
The Europeans," explained MP Schroeder, "supported the Palestinian Authority with the aim of becoming its main sponsor, and through this, challenge the U.S. and present themselves as the future global power. Therefore, the Al-Aksa Intifada should be understood as a proxy war between Europe and the United States."

"It is an open secret within the European Parliament that EU aid to the Palestinian Authority has not been spent correctly," MP Schroeder said during a recent address in New York. "The European Parliament does not intend to verify whether European taxpayers' money could have been used to finance anti-Semitic murderous attacks. Unfortunately, this fits well with European policy in this area."

Now I know the source URL will cause the anti-zionists and antisemites to claim it's all an evil zionazi plot and the like but it does not change the substance of the arguement. The EU will not and cannot challenge the US militarily or economically so they have to use whatever means are available. Funding the enemy of one's enemy is an easy way to force us to expend blood and treasure while keeping the appearance of being allies. (see: France)

The second line of unmitigated crap I hear is that the Palestinians are our friends and we're overly biased towards Israel. Maybe it has something to do with the suicide bombers blowing up grandmothers and schoolchildren. (insert canned lefty response of "it's the only means of resistance they have" or "occupation" or "humiliation" lines will suffice)

So here is a link to MEMRI with a compendium of sermons and television appearances that come directly from PA funded people. You will notice many calls for the destruction of the US and calls for killing Jews (everywhere not just Israel). Please read the entry and explain how the PA can be viewed as anything other than a moral enemy of the US and how can we possibly be thinking of giving these people a state.

The following report consists of Palestinian sermons from 2000-2003. Each Khatib (preacher) is a paid employee of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The sermons are broadcast live every Friday at noon from mosques under control of the PA and are shown on PA television.


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