Weekly picture dump

Behold the power of computing in 1989. Today you could buy almost 1 MacBook Pro for the same money.

T-shirt most likely to be found in Thompkins Square Park

Truth in advertising

When Double Stuff just isn't enough

From the Bureau of Unfortunate Signage:

My new favorite meme:

Can't see where this could go wrong...

Grammar lesson of the day.  Please make a note of it.

Puns are supposed to be the lowest form of humor but this one really made me laugh

If it wasn't a crime before why were they "illegal"?  MSNBC is so far down the garden path they don't even see the problem with a graphic like that.

XKCD nails it again.  Linux looks more appealing every day now.

This is feeling more and more real every day

So true

Why the top kill failed:

I loved this one. I firmly believe the only thing saving us from a second stimulus is the Tea Party. Without them we'd have done this a second and maybe even third time.

From the I Did Not Know That file:


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