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OK, so I'm going build myself an HTPC. The plan is to buy the components from Tigerdirect or newegg and assemble it myself. I want to use the Mythbuntu build. In terms of specs I think I need about 2GB of RAM, ~250GB, Intel/Athelon dual core motherboard, 512MB NVIDIA card, generic dvd r/w, wireless card and an IR blaster. So far I'm having trouble finding a microtower case to hold it all and I'm concerned about heat with the smaller case sizes. Additionally, I have 1TB of NAS storage on the network which is Windows and I'm not sure how to get the Mythbuntu build to talk to the Windows NAS. Does anyone know if that's possible? I may end up making the NAS not really a NAS but just physically moving it from A to B when I need to move things on/off. I'm also looking to put in a hybrid card because from what I'm reading you can then stream from the interwebs to your TV much better than physically capturing then watching it later. Any help appreciated on that part.

So, the questions:

Do the specs look good?
Can I get MythTV or Mythbuntu to talk to my windows NAS?
Does anyone have any experience w/ hybrid cards?
Where can I get a decent microtower case?
Am I crazy for even starting this?


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