In Praise of ESPN

I'm not ESPN's biggest fan.  There, I said it.  The main reason why is the programming.  They over-cover the big three (Baseball, Basketball and Football) to the detriment of all the other sports.  They rerun the same thing over and over rather than throwing a bone to people like me who want to see the other stuff too.  Let me be clear:  what they do, they do very well.  When it comes to analysis, reporting and recaps, ESPN is second to none.  That said, their web coverage of the World Cup has been amazing.  That's just for the opening round.  For people like me who want to watch the cup but have these pesky "jobs" we have to show up for it's been a boon.  I'm able to keep an ESPN window open with the gamecast.  It tells me shots, substitutions, goals, fouls etc.  They have been adding highlights of goals inside of 10 minutes.  It's amazing.  If you're in the GameCast window, click on the icon for goal that has a video highlight and you get the clip. 

Thank you ESPN!


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