Governing is hard but campaigning is fun

Obama Briefed in April by Carol Browner On How Bad BP Spill Was

This from The Daily Beast. Hardly an organ of the GOP. Does this mean the Left is turning on Obama? I think this is just them waking up from the insanely high expectations they put on the man. I don't expect him to single-handedly solve this over night but I did expect something other than endless meetings and blamestorming.

Look, as noted elsewhere the Saudis had a leak ten times larger in the Arabian Gulf and they got some empty supertankers and vacuumed the oil up off the surface and were even able to separate it from the seawater and recover 85% of it. All I'm saying is that if the corrupt and inept Saudis can come up with this there's no reason we can't do the same and even better.

Yes this is worse than Katrina. No this is not Obama's fault but the aftermath that continues is. He owns this shit now and endlessly blaming anyone else for anything at this point isn't helping. Stop blaming and start fixing. Blame whomever the hell you want when it's over but for now quit bitching and get going.

"I will not rest until this leak is plugged." Really? How's Paul McCartney fit into your Not Resting Plugging The Damn Hole plan?

I have news for you Mr. President, a great many people who make their living off those waters voted for you. Keep this up and rest assured they won't make that mistake again.


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