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So, When Will The Phoenix Suns Practice What They Preach?

The Suns don't even believe their own BS. If you do go to a Suns game, guess what? You'll find that their arena has an extremely secure border. You don't go by their rules, you don't get into the game. If somehow, you do get in without buying a ticket and they find out about it, they will send their security over and they will demand that you prove that you belong in the arena. If you can't show them a ticket, it doesn't whether you just arrived or whether it's late in the 4th quarter, the Suns will immediately deport you right out of the arena for not following their rules.

Indeed. I would love to see Arizonans flood the arena as "undocumented fans". They should scale the fences and overwhelm security. They will not, however, get it. To them, there is no analogy. They see the illegals as people who simply want a better life for themselves and their family. I'm sure there are Arizonans who want that too. Perhaps if they joined Los Suns on the court and explained that they just wanted a better job, like, say professional basketball player they would understand. Just take to the court with your own jersey on and grab the ball. If they stop the game tell them you're an undocumented player. Undocumented coaches would be good too. Undocumented merchandisers could sell undocumented Suns gear in the parking lot. Where's the problem? These people are just trying to make a living, right? How about undocumented refreshment sales inside? They can bring a cooler and a case of beer and some pretzels to sell. After all, a man's got a right to work doesn't he?

Flights of fancy notwithstanding I honestly think people need to do something like this to the most strident of the amnesty supporters.


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