Times Square incident leads to hightened alert

Official: TSA ramping up East Coast security measures
The Transportation Security Administration on Sunday ramped up security screening at airports along the East Coast after an attempted car bombing a day earlier in New York's Times Square, a Department of Homeland Security official said.

Seems to me they are taking this threat seriously. The unnamed official also called their current posture a "scramble". Additionally the NYPD has the guy on video and has certainly run down the actual owner of the vehicle, where the plates were stolen from as well as myriad other bits of evidence. They are rather tight lipped about whom they suspect. Formerspook notes that this mimics the way the Ft. Hood shooter was handled. Could it be that the suspects have Middle Eastern ties and they're keeping a lid on this until they can either play out the leads?

has a picture that in my amateur opinion looks like it could be the man they're looking for. (I don't want to get ahead of myself but the facial hair and bald head give me pause)

Mr. Muhammed admits he was in the exact same location as the incident. If he's the one I imagine he was counting on his compatriots to vouch for him in case he was seen. I don't think that who ever the would be bomber was thought about the number of security cameras in the area. I'd be surprised if there isn't far more footage than we've seen.


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