This, my friends, is racing

Some notes first and then the vid.  In real racing (that is, not roundy round big oval racing) the track has two sides.  The "clean" side is where the driving line is.  That is the preferred line for drivers to follow.  Since it has the most traffic, it has the most rubber built up and less dust and marbles. This track is insanely dusty as it is in Saudi Arabia so the desert dust makes things very dicey. I don't know who the guy driving this car is but he is damn good and had ginormous balls. To wit: In lap one, he gets the back end loose and ends up in the dirt. Many drivers would just pack it in at that point. This guy gets back on track and absolutely hammers the gas. At about the 2:30 mark, he's doing 158 MPH and the ass end of the car gets loose. Rather than lifting the gas pedal, he smashes it to the floor and wrestles this thing back on track. Around the 7:00 minute mark he attacks aggressively and risks a black flag when he takes the inside line and smashes a track cone. That scared the crap out of me and I'm just watching this thing. I will spoil the thing to tell you he fights back from worst to first to win and it was damn well earned. If I could drive like this guy I'd never stop telling people how awesome I am.


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