Ten worst things about summer

He speaks for me!

I'm sorry, but flip-flops are a national scourge. They're fine at the beach, in the backyard, or for casually hanging out with friends. But the problem is people want to sport them at every opportunity. I'm sorry but flip-flops are not office attire. Nor should they be worn on formal occasions or out to a restaurant (that is not on the beach), and especially not to a bar or nightclub when your little pink piggies will definitely be stepped on by the masses and possibly have a beer bottle dropped on them. (Don't even get us started about boys who wear flip flops to the urinals). Many people have pretty nasty feet that shouldn't see the light of day in the first place, but if you wear flip-flops in Manhattan, then you are disgusting. You will come home at the end of the day looking like a hobbit, but instead of hair covering your feet, it's nasty, black, nameless sludge. And you'll have some sort of perverted tan line on your foot from where the strap is. Get a pair of Converse or something!

Unless you are physically at the beach do not wear them. Ever. No, ladies, they do not look "cute". They look cheap and horrible. Stop it.


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