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Terrorist Threat On Border With Mexico
A recent congressional report on the border threat confirmed members of Hezbollah have crossed the Southwest border. It shows photos of military jackets with Arab insignias found on the border. One depicts a picture of a plane crashing into the twin towers in New York City.

See this isn't simply about hating Mexicans. It's way beyond that. Did you know that North Korea's second largest Embassy is in Mexico City? Any unsecured border is a danger. The Canadian border needs to be sealed also. This is not about hating Canadians either. We patrol our waters not to keep out Cubans in rafts. (We do that too but they're not the main problem) There are drug smugglers, arms smugglers, human traffickers, terrorists, criminals and God knows what else trying to get here. We all know the realities and the Amnesty crowd simply wants to close their eyes to the real dangers. They'd rather make this about something it's not.

I have a proposal. The US will create reciprocal immigration laws. Whatever the punishment for entering your country illegally we'll do the same. Mexico is the biggest bunch of fucking hypocrites on this and they know it. They simply need something to draw attention away from their abject failure as a nation. They make Chicago look like Switzerland.

I'm also sick of people saying we can't secure the border easily or cheaply. Sure we can. We simply lack the political will. How, you ask? Mine it. Make it look like the 33rd parallel. We could drop tens of thousands of mines and secure it withing 6 months. We won't do that. The first story about a child being blown up by a mine and we'd be an international pariah. I'm not advocating mining the border, I'm just telling you we can do it. We just won't.

We also hear over and over about how we can't deport 12 million people. Again, yes we can. (Sorry PrezBO, didn't mean to steal your slogan) If you start detaining people Sheriff Joe style people are going to get the message very quickly. Then take biometric data before deporting them. Now you'll know if you catch them again and then they can spend an extended amount of time in Tent City should they decide to try again. We won't do that either. The Godwin Law would be invoked before the proposal was ever even written. This is not about rounding people up for death camps. It's about arresting criminals and putting them where they belong, back home.


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