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Teababies Protest Lowest Taxes In 60 Years : Delaware Liberal
So can we stop with the bogus argument that teabaggers are some kind of serious movement? The teabaggers say they are upset about the deficit but never noticed that Bush took a surplus and turned it into a deficit. They say they are upset about the bailouts and TARP, both are Bush programs. They claim to be upset about government overreach but haven’t said a word about the overreach of Arizona’s law requiring brown people to show papers to the authorities.

There is so much wrong with this I hardly know where to begin. Unlike UI, I went to the Bureau of Economic Analysis website. I looked for the report cited by USA Today and saw only a report about personal income outlays, nothing about taxes. Perhaps it hasn't been posted on the web yet. However, the USA Today story only cites the Bureau, not the report. Nor does it link to the report so I can read it myself. DelawareLiberal merely took the report at face value because it confirms their bias. UI keeps pounding on the idea that the Tea Party is not a serious movement. No? They sure are taking up a lot of oxygen for a non-serious movement. They also have more than a few scalps for a non-serious movement.

Much like a broken clock, UI gets one thing right. Bush was very spendy and the Right was largely silent. There was some grumbling but nothing like there should have been. What he fails to understand is that Obama has outspent all of the previous presidents combined in just his first year in office. The Left was pissing and moaning about "Bush's Trillion Dollar War". Somehow Democrat Controlled Congressionally Approved Trillion Dollar War just doesn't carry the same ring to it. Much like the Right was silent in the face of Bush's spending on Proscription Drug Programs and whatever else, the Left went quiet when Democrats chose political safety over principle in funding the Iraq war. That never rates a mention. Doesn't fit the narrative.

(I'm going to throw in a caveat that some of the spending was beyond his control. Democrats forget the multibillion dollar spending that followed both 9/11 and Katrina. Those two things are only mentioned in order to point out the evilness or ineptitude of Bush/Rove/Republicans)

Lastly, I was amused that UI sees Arizona enforcing federal law as "overreach". I wonder what other provisions of federal law need not be enforced for fear of "overreach".


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