Is it wrong to flatten a village?

Israel has been in the business of flattening neighborhoods, groves of trees and the like for decades.  Wikipedia has a page on it.  'Natch.

To wit:

House demolition is a controversial tactic used by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) against Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during the course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Official IDF explanations for house demolitions include use as a counter-insurgency security measure to impede or halt militant operations[1], as a regulatory measure to enforce building codes and regulations[2], and as a deterrent against terrorism in the occupied territories.[3]

Human rights organizations and the United Nations criticize the ongoing demolitions[4] of Palestinian homes as violating international law, and contend that Israeli governments actually use demolitions to collectively punish Palestinians[1] and to seize property for the expansion of Israeli settlements. [5][6]

Emphasis mine. So it's wrong. The UN says so. Is it wrong when, oh, I don't know, Saudi Arabia does it?

Do not hold your breath waiting for the hue and cry from the UN or whatever lefty unit you hear moaning about the evils of Israel. They're not interested in this one because it wasn't the Jews or even the Israelis. Like every other complaint about Israel, it's just a means to an end. Any club to beat them with.


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