Interesting republican?

The most interesting Republican you've never heard of - 2012 Elections

I guess he's "interesting" because you can't paint him with a broad brush. He actually seems to have read a book at some point and it's manifestly evil. That confounds the liberal brain. The thing is, there are far more people like this in the GOP than not. The reason liberals don't know who they are is because the people who have been elected by the GOP term after term are institutionalized to the point that they have taken the politically expedient stance rather than the intellectually honest (or at least consistent) one. (c.f. John McCain and Bush 43 on immigration)


I wish he'd run in 2008. Not sure if I love him, but there were precious few good choices in the last presidential campaign.
Duffy said…
I think things are going to get very interesting. I think the GOP is in the process of a reboot. The gains they show in Nov. (if there are any) may not be the candidates the GOP old guard want.

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