F1 to upstate New York?

Now this is a good idea

I'm not sure how keen they'd be to host F1 but I can tell from their website there is a lot they need to do to be anywhere near ready for F1. The track is only 2 years old which is good b/c certifying it for F1 is going to be much easier than an older/resurfaced track. Given the state of Silverstone and the Nurburgring at the end of their runs it should pass muster with a few upgrades. The big thing is going to be spectators and associated infrastructure. They're a private track with virtually no accommodations for fans. No fencing, no stands, no vending, no bathrooms, no parking etc. Now you're starting to get the picture as to why you don't just pick a track and start racing. Let's also mention that the typical F1 team brings as many as 10 tractor trailers with them when they travel. Twelve teams with say, 5 trailers each that's 60 right there. My head is starting to swim at the prospect. I am, however, keeping my fingers crossed.


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