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This story is a prime reason why you should be wary of government power.  Let's assume for a moment the article is true in it's entirety.  (I have no idea if it is or isn't but for arguments sake, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.)

Think for a moment what this means.  It means they destroyed this man not just by legal means but by extra-legal means (disclaimer: IANAL, just how it looks to me).  They teamed up with the press to find a boogeyman and he was it.  Full stop.  The pressure to close the case was too great and he was the only thing they had.  How many people lost their jobs or were reprimanded after this fiasco?  Zero. 

Liberals (in general) are wary of  very powerful law enforcement.  With good reason.  This case is a prime example many on the Right could learn from.  I would also caution that those on the left should be equally wary of other instruments of government becoming too powerful lest they steamroll another innocent person by bureaucratic inertia albeit by a different agency.  (The EPA leaps to mind)


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