You broke my irony meter


Um...what? The word "illegal" is right there in the name. The only difference is that the Feds have no intention of enforcing their own law. Given that Arizona has a right to defend it's own borders. I'm a big fan of the Tenth Amendment. I'm glad California is standing up to the Feds viz. legalized weed. I'm glad Oregon is doing their own thing viz. assisted suicide. People have an inherent sovereign right over their own bodies. So long as you don't harm anyone else with it, you may do with it as you please. The idea that suicide is against the law is insane. My moral code has no bearing on you choosing to end your own life. (NB: I make exceptions for people who are mentally incapable of understanding that choice)

It is well past time the citizens of the several states stand up to the Feds and remind them that they have the right to determine what is best for their citizens. So long as they do not violate a specific, demonstrable section of the Constitution (and don't give me any of that General Welfare crap) they're free to do as they see fit.


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