Can we cure addiction?

Ibogaine -- the Magic Plant That Could Cure Addiction, Still Banned in the U.S.

How much are we spending in the war on drugs? Billions? How many lives destroyed from addiction? Not just directly but indirectly? How many of those people want nothing more than to get, and stay, clean? How many of those billions are spend on research on Ibogaine? None. Does this make any sense to you? Even if this drug might have psychoactive effects and yes, some people may die from taking it, isn't that better than this insane and endless war we're fighting?

The question here is what is the goal? Do we want to keep this as a fight or do we want to minimize, regulate and control this as much as possible? The fact is that if you could somehow ban every drug that got you high (or drunk) people would still play dizzy bat on their front lawn or cut off their own oxygen supply to get a rush. The best we can hope for is reducing the number of addicts, making the drugs as safe as possible for those who insist on using and keep those who are on drugs from harming others. You can't stop people from harming themselves without taking away their freedom.

Any sane politician would make hay out of this one. Especially an inner city politician.


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