Life in the universe

Consider the following video:


Given the absolute massive size of just one star out of hundreds of billions that comprises just one galaxy out of hundreds of billions more, I think it impossible that there is not life somewhere. I'm not talking about the Star Trek sense where their planet is just like our with one teensy difference (i.e. the Nazi's won WWII or they're all Prohibition Era Gangsters). Life, in some form, must exist elsewhere. Maybe it's amoeba or germs or some form of life we can't fathom, but it's out there.


Given the speed of light - I tend to wonder how many of those 125 billion galaxies are really there - just because we see them from here doesn't mean they're there NOW.

I mean that there are 250 trillion stars within a billion light years, but a billion light years is a long time, considering earth has been here 4.55 billion, and we've been here (if you trust wikipedia) for 200,000 years.

Given so-called man made global warming we've already doomed most of the planet's life if you ask Al Gore.

If SETI does find something, we could be picking up signals from a now-extinct civilization once you consider the distance.

There might be life out there - but perhaps my more pessimistic view is that by the time we find out about it, it'll already be gone.

Our closest neighbor is 4.5 light years away, 1270 years if we can get up to 1000km/s, and the best we can do is upon re-entry at 774, not in space and most certainly not manned.

Life - sure - possible. But at the same time we're here, able to communicate with us now, able to physically reach us now, and add even the desire to reach us (which I find the most unlikely of all)
E.T. won't phone home in my lifetime.

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