Just what I needed

I've had a sore throat for two days. Chalked it up to post nasal drip allergies. Yesterday everything went pear shaped. My temperature spiked to 103 and I must have been gargling with razor blades if the pain is any indication. I dragged myself out of bed and off the the local Medical Aid unit. Several months later I saw a PA who looked in my ears, nose and throat. Both ears infected, sinus infection and she actually made an "Ew" face when she looked in my throat. She proscribed me some weapons grade antibiotics. I am consequently bed ridden and highly contagious. Eldest is, of course, oblivious to this and I can only shoo him away when he comes to see me. It makes him sad b/c he doesn't understand why I want him away from me.

This is a good time to catch up on my movie watching so I popped in "Quarantine" without a hint of irony. Overall I liked it. Perhaps that's the delirium talking.


Open the window, get some fresh air while you convalesce. Can't hurt, now can it? Hope you feel better.
allocation should pay attention to the box frame and the screen color as a whole and go.
Duffy said…
AO: I'm on the mend. Thanks for the good wishes.

HP: Thank you. I can only assume Babelfish steered you really wrong or something.

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