This is exactly what I'm talking about

This guy is dressed for confrontation. His outfit is no less confrontational or intimidating than a Klan hood. I mean that. The Black Panthers have a very violent history. He is not there to prevent voter suppression he's there to create it. The two of them should be arrested immediately.


Mike W. said…
If they'd been dressed like that and simply walked in, voted and left (and maybe chatted with a few folks on the way out) I wouldn't consider their actions voter suppression/intimidation.

Likewise, if a buddy and I walked into the polling place Open Carrying pistols, voted, and left it'd be no big deal. But if we stood outside armed, in fatigues, posturing the way these two guys were I think they'd have grounds to arrest us.
knowitall said…
This shouldn't be allowed, people shouldn't bully people into what they'll do. If they support the liberal illuminati, that's their choice.

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