Here we go again

Just got the word. My contract is going to be canceled next week so I'll be unemployed as of 11/26. If any of you are hiring or know someone who is, please let me know.





Jules said…
that really sucks...sorry to hear. I just heard on the news that a lot of places are putting hiring freezes too. What type of work do you do? Correctional Medical Services is always looking for people.
mkfreeberg said…
Wow, really sorry to hear about that, Robert.
That totally sucks. Hang tough.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
Send me an updated resume. My company's not hiring, but I know someone else who might be.
Duffy said…
Thanks all.

Jules, I'm a IT consultant. I'm not sure I could make the jump to Correctional Medical.

Paul, I'll mail it this evening.
Mike W. said…
Sorry to hear that. Good luck w/ the job search.
Jules said…
haha....well medical facilities always have computer problems :) We have desk support check with
Brian Shields said…
That sucks. Hope things turn around for ya.

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