First, fourth, what's the difference?

Black Pope could follow Barack Obama's election, says US archbishop: "The election of Barack Obama as the first African-American US President could pave the way for the election of the first black Pope, according to a leading black American Catholic."

Except that we've had three black Popes already. The last one was 1700 years ago. You'd think he know that. I knew we had them in the past. It took me all of .000048 seconds on Google to find that out.


Paul Smith Jr. said…
They may not have actually been black, though. They were African, but so are Egyptians who aren't black. We have no pictures of them, so we don't know if they were black or more Mediterranean.
Mike W. said…
well facts don't stop the media.

It took me a few seconds on google to find out that Obama had in fact had substantial associations with ACORN. The media didn't report it, but it was out there easily accessible.
Duffy said…
"Saint Victor was born in Africa and bore a Latin name as most African did at that time. Saint Victor was the fifteenth pope and a native of black Africa"

Convincing enough for me.
road warrior said…
that's hilarious. Gotta love google. The the old guys like the pope and Jon McCain don't really know anything about that. It seems that any liberal illuminati want to make Obama the first of everything and the one who has paved the road for everything. Not to diminish the huge nature of Obama's win but some might be hyping it up just a bit to much.
I'll just be happy if we keep getting non-italian popes.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
Duffy, Obama's a native of Hawaii, but he's not Hawaiian.

I know I'm being pedantic, but we really have no proof one way or the other. Ultimately, I don't think it matters.
Duffy said…
Actually Paul, I think you're being semantic. ;-)

IMNHO it is VERY likely that if the Pope was a native of "black Africa" I would surmise he was, in fact, black. Given that mobility was a wee bit limited in the first century.


I find it curious that you're interested in where the Pope is from. For me I'd like to see a Pope from Africa *cough* Arinze *cough* or South America. The latter if only to put an end to Liberation Theology.
knowitall said…
Nothing stops the media. The media does stop the facts, however, when it has to do with exposing the liberal illuminati.

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