Dissent is the highest form of uh...nevermind

January 20th, 2000 - November 4th 2008:

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." -Lefties

After November 4th, 2008:

"Shaddup you haters!"

Prop. 8 gift gets theater's leader in a ruckus


"In a post on one Web site, Shaiman relayed what he told Eckern: "The idea that your donation came from a salary that for a short amount of time was drawn from profits from a show I wrote upsets me terribly and I would never allow anything I write to play there and will encourage my colleagues to consider doing the same."

"There's a great degree of hue and cry over getting Mr. Eckern fired," Whitty wrote. "I've searched my soul about this. I'm instinctively not comfortable with the idea of his dismissal, though my activist side still whispers, 'Punish!'

"I fear for what Mr. Eckern's dismissal would say about theater: that there's only room for the pro-gay crowd. In a way, if we only allow people we agree with, if we only allow people who share a broad sympathy for the human condition, then we become one of those dreaded fantasy 'elites.' "

Others were much more vitriolic in their condemnation of Eckern on online message boards.

The theater site Broadwayworld.com has picked up the story, and the political antigayblacklist.com has published Eckern's name and professional affiliation along with those of others who made contributions.

Chilling effect anyone? Not to worry, our stalwart lefties at Kos et al. will raise their...oh never mind. Even I can't keep up the charade for sarcasm's sake.


Paul Smith Jr. said…
I saw a car with that bumper sticker yesterday and I was thinking, "I bet you no longer feel that way. Or won't, come January 20th."
knowitall said…
The left-wing illuminati will make history for the color barriers broken, but also for the high amount of money they'll blow on wasteless programs.

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