Awesome factoid of the day

From the FeedIt log:

"Mexico, Distrito Federal arrived from on "Pencader Days: Hey Hube?" by searching for hey hube."

Is Hube big in Mexico? Perhaps it's all that Spanish music blogging.


Hube said…
LOL! Interesting! I have quite a few Mexican acquaintances, from on and offline (many through the Los Amigos Invisibles website), but I don't believe any of them are currently from the D.F.

Speaking of Los Amigos, I'm bummed -- they were shooting a new video today in NYC and wanted fans to come out to get in the vid. I had to work only a half-day today but I still would've been too late. Crap.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
If you google "Hey Hube," it suggests "Hey Hude" as a correction, which seems to be the Spanish version of Hey Jude. The guy might have been looking for Beatles lyrics.
Hube said…
Actually, "Hude" in Spanish would be pronounced "u-day." The "H" is silent in Spanish. The closest thing to an English "J" sound is the Argentinian/Chilean accented "LL" and "Y."

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