Unintentional disclosure

Deldem has his knickers in a twist over Sarah Palin praising people as pro-America. Interesting that he (?) automatically thinks that makes him un-American. That probably says more about his frame of mind than intended. Note that the quote says the people are "very pro-American". He's dropping the "very" part and assuming that anyone not in the crowd is axiomatically anti-American. There's some back and forth about which sections of America are anti-American. I was going to post something on this but Michelle Malkin has done the heavy lifting. This will be met with a sputtering response that those are the rarest exceptions and do not represent the left wing of the country. I would agree except that the team at DL has conflated non-existent threats against Obama at McCain rallies as irrefutable proof that Republicans are enraged bloodthirsty killers or something.

I also find it telling that Mrs. Palin is described as "white trash". I don't know what the specific definition of white trash is but I'm pretty sure she's not it. She's married to the same man for quite some time now and she's not on public assistance and she's educated. Why is it that liberals are so comfortable calling people "trash"? What would the response be if I had called William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright or heaven forefend, Michelle Obama trash? I would be pilloried. I keep hearing a lot about liberal tolerance but it seems to be in short supply.


Mike W. said…
"I keep hearing a lot about liberal tolerance but it seems to be in short supply. "

That's because it doesn't exist.

As for "tolerance." I quite like Cassandra's comment here as a good example.


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