This will be labeled a cheap smear tactic in 3...2...

Frank Biden was involved in a hit-and-run accident in California in 1999 where the single father of two girls died in the crash. Frank Biden, according to the story, was hit with an $800,000 civil judgment in the case that has yet to be paid.

There will be long indignant posts about how this is the right wing smear machine and has no bearing on the candidate and it was years ago so what difference does it make etc. etc. etc.

I'm not a fan of this kind of crap. Democrats set the rules and now have to live by them.


AJ Lynch said…
You know Duffy call me crazy and off-topic, but the American people can't save money to create wealth.

The main reason is they raised the FICA "contributions" by about 5% in the last twenty years. Think about that for a minute. If a family made $100,000 per year for the last 20 years, they paid an extra $5,000 per year to the feds. That is a total of $100,000 before I add the investment income they could have earned.

I am using 5% as an estimate and include both the employee and employer portion in my 5%. But bottom line, this tax increase has taken an enormous amount of wealth from families and transferred it to the govt.

Lastly, re my $100K, I expect a husband and wife have made that when they are above the median somewhat. So when they say American debt has increased by 5% of GDP or whatever, this is a big factor IMO.

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