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I know this is like the third one in a week but bear with me.

I've installed Ubuntu on the ancient tower I have and have been having trouble with tarballs. I've downloaded some .gar and .gpz files but I cannot unpack them. The download window shows them but I cannot double click to launch the unpacking utility I have to navigate there but I can't find "there". Do I have to do this through the admin console? Also, do I have to recompile the kernel after installs? I've been RTFMing but haven't found an answer on when I have to recompile let alone how I do that.


Update: Ha! It appears I'm in good company. Linux is making me insane.


LiberalGeek said…
Duffy - is the issue that you can't find the file you downloaded or that the unpacker isn't able to unpack the tarballs?

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