Reason #71,954 why I love Gotham

"Pilot: We are now arriving in at JFK airport in New York City, home of the Yankees.
Met fan: That's not right...(yelling) What about the Mets?
Pilot: No one cares.
Rest of passengers: (cheering)


Paul Smith Jr. said…
Honestly, I do find the more annoying than the Yankees. At least the Yankees are the most successful team in baseball history. They way most Mets fans act (or at least most that I've dealt with), you'd think it was the Mets.
Duffy said…
Well there was '86...
Paul Smith Jr. said…
And 69, dude!! (I love Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.)

While the Mets have had a good amount of success (more than the Phils), they're no Yankees.

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