Gaming by the people, for the people - Citizen Gamer

Gaming by the people, for the people - Citizen Gamer

Microsoft has uncharacteristically decided to break it's own monopoly. They've been very tightfisted when it comes to licensing the game engines and charge the developers zillions for the privilege of creating games for their platform. This is not entirely greed. They do lose money on every unit they sell and generally make their money on licensing and games produced in house. They have figured out that they need to foster community to build brand loyalty. Very wise. They're in a tight race with Wii and PS3 and they took a hit when BluRay beat HDDVD in the format wars. This will probably bear fruit and given that they're granting developers something like 70% of the revenue for the games you'll see people quitting their jobs to make simple, playable games as a primary source of income. All it takes is one Tetris and you're set.


LiberalGeek said…
Duffy - This is great. I am in no way a gamer, nor do I own an XBox, but the idea of a pseudo-open platform is intriguing. No I can finally work on getting Sesame-Street Fighter going. Grover is going kick Cookie Monster's ass. :)
Duffy said…
Ha! Awesome.

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