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My favorite bunch of crazies at Lew Rockwell have a gem called "Environmentalism is Racism". Generally I find them to be an odd mixture of excitability and defeatism. The author makes a compelling (if not convincing) case that environmental laws are frequently tied to racially bias laws. Sometimes this is referred to as NIMBY or "environmental racism." This article seeks to simply equate the two rather than use one to qualify the other. One quote stuck out for me:

David Foreman, founder of Earth First!: "Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental."

David? Lead by example, will ya?

From the language corner, a list of phrases we need to retire for a while. From the same corner is a list of nearly untranslatable words. I've found that words that convey whole ideas like this give some insight into the cultures that came up with them. Things like that require their own word so it has to be pretty significant.

Calling someone "socialist" is now apparently racist. This is Humpty Dumpty territory. To make this simpler: Precisely what criticism (if any) can I level at the Senator that will not be construed as racist? I imagine it will be a short list.

Politics (sorry, I can't help it)

Ed Rendell is "nervous" about Pennsylvania. He's in a position to know something. He's seen the internals and they can't be looking good. Wizbang has been shouting from the rooftops that the polls are wrong. All of them. I don't know enough about polling to know if he's right or wrong but the constant clamoring about how it's all over and we should just skip to the coronation inauguration tells me they're nervous. "Nothing to see here, move along" is the cry. If he's right he should be crowing for about a decade on that one. If not, he'll be eating that same crow.

Hillary supporters warning to GOPers:

You are up against people worse than anything McGovern put forward back in ‘72 — they have no decency, no scruples, and if they stooped to making fun of newborn Trig Palin and inventing crazed, incestuous conspiracies about him, you must realize they will do absolutely anything to depress Republican turnout, lower your morale, and breed Eeyores in your midst.


Is the PUMA strain alive and well? If McCain gets 5% of Hillary's voters he's in.

The rightest of the right wing has been saying that Obama isn't a natural born citizen and therefore cannot be president. I dismissed this as silliness early on but something has been bothering me of late. Why hasn't his campaign simply produced the original certificate? Seems a simple thing to do. They've moved to dismiss the lawsuit seeking one as well. Why? This article states that there is at least, some open questions. Veracity aside, what the hell would it mean if they find out he *was* born in Kenya? They can't replace him on the ballot now. Would he be able to run and if he wins then what? Would Joe be moved up a spot? Is that even legal? What if he is elected and then they find out? Will the election be voided or will Joe be moved up? This is the last thing we need.

Germany eats one of its own top spies. How the BND allowed this one to go forward is beyond me. They've lost probably the most valuable western asset in Iran ever. He was, by all accounts, wildly successful and they could have easily protected him under the aegis of state secrets. Read the whole thing.

How do you get into a VIP restaurant? Not that this is a big concern for me (or frankly anyone in Delaware) it is interesting nonetheless. The thing about being a regular is the easiest and most sound advice.

How did Obama pick Biden? It's an interesting read and frankly this is the type of political reporting I'd like to see more of. (h/t: DelawareLoonybin)

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