I'm looking for suggestions for a place to take my wife for the weekend. Has to be w/in ~ 2 hrs driving.


LiberalGeek said…
Take a drive down to St. Michaels or Rock Hall, MD. Great little towns with cool stuff in a few minutes drive of them.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
How about one of the DE beaches? I don't think they're that crowded this time of year, so you might be able to get a room pretty cheap.
Nemours Mansion opened up again, I went during the summer and it was pretty cool if you like palatial estates, elaborate gardens, or old cars.

What do you think of wine tastings? I have a friend who lives and works at Twinbrook winery.

If wine isn't your thing - there is the dogfishead brewery tour in Milton (limited to 25 people, so I'd call ahead).

There is a historic Lancaster walking tour.

If she likes trains, I do believe there is an autumn express...departing Saturday at 12:30 and 2pm - an hour and a half, but quaint.

Or go all out ($$$) and stay at the Inn at Monchanin and have brunch Sunday at Krazy Kats.
Anonymous said…
Hope I'm not too late. Evermay on the Delaware. An inn located in Bucks County. Quiet site, great food, and stuff to do around.
Duffy said…
Thanks everyone. Great suggestions all around. I'm thinking of a trip in the spring. This will likely be a Christmas present so I have some time to decide.

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