Why is Obama so vapid, hesitant, and gutless?

Professional contrarian Christopher Hitchens gives a rundown of why he think Barry is going to be another Dukakis.

Why is Obama so vapid, hesitant, and gutless?: "...what I suspect in his case is that he had no idea of winning this time around. He was running in Iowa and New Hampshire to seed the ground for 2012, not 2008, and then the enthusiasm of his supporters (and the weird coincidence of a strong John Edwards showing in Iowa) put him at the front of the pack. Yet, having suddenly got the leadership position, he hadn't the faintest idea what to do with it or what to do about it."

I do get the feeling that Obama has been borne by momentum that he hadn't anticipated. Frankly, I don't think anyone in the field thought he would get this far or even that he had paid enough dues to be where he is today.


Paul Smith Jr. said…
I wrote on this same topic last November. Now, I also predicted he wouldn't win the nomination in the same post, so what the hell do I know?

But I do agree with your basic point. This was an exploratory run, attempting to build for the future and he got caught somewhere he didn't expect to be and he and his campaign have been flailing ever since, although the political environment this year may still carry him to a victory he didn't anticipate.
Duffy said…
It's not actually my point, but rather, Hitchens'. I just happen to agree with him. Sadly, when he writes his Nth memoir which includes this run for the presidency I doubt very much he'll be honest enough to admit it.

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