Where is the Anger?

Where is the Anger? asks Becky and rightly so.

My answer: The anger is currently being expended on The Election. There is an anger and attention deficit. The press and the public cannot focus on more than one thing. That neither candidate has even saw fit to mention this is simultaneously appalling and baffling. I figured Joe Biden would say something, anything about it. This is, to my knowledge the first issue Joe has not pontificated on publicly. Ask him about Mongolian mining policy? He has a position. Ask him about pre-Colombian art? He has an opinion. Fanniewhatnow? Never heard of it.

Becky explains that nobody wanted to get rid of this mess because they all had their hands in it and everyone was getting something. I've said it before and I'll repeat myself.

Political power + Time = corruption.

This never should have happened. It never should have been allowed to continue. I've called for applying the same accounting regulations to government that they apply to private industry. Combine that with a law that absolutely forbids under any circumstances the Federal government from bailing out any private entity. None. Zero. Airlines take a hit and are in danger of folding? Too bad. Banks failing? Too bad. You get your FDIC insurance. This is completely out of control. If Democrats were smart they'd make this their dead horse to beat. No more privatization of gains and publicizing losses. Instead they focus on "shipping jobs overseas". Simplistic rhetoric designed to appeal to the UAW and the Rust belt.

Had this happened in March it would be a big story. Right now we're too busy worrying about whatever poo-flinging is going on in the election.


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