What's not in the news

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was the premiere opponent of and speaker against the horrors of Communism. One thing he spoke about was the way he used to read the ironically named "Pravda". He said you read it not for what was in it, but for what was not in it. His point was that the news is shaped not only by how the news is presented (read: spun) but also by what is and is not reported. The very thing the MSM is having a hard time with. It used to be they may not have been able to tell you what to think but they certainly could tell you what to think about. It is a very effective way of controlling the argument.

With the advent and rise of blogs and alternative media even that is getting tough. Not one MSM outlet has covered the story of Sarah Palin drawing a crowd of 60,000 in Florida. They have no interest in undermining their candidate and helping "that woman".

They don't get to do that any more. Drudge has picked up the story so now it's national. It's part of the conversation. Even worse, the public is reminded, yet again, how lazy they are. How much they are in the tank for Obama.

The MSM is like American auto manufacturers in the 70's. Their product is horrible and protected by inertia and decades of monopoly. Now the scrappy outsider is here and it eating their lunch while they try to course correct. In the short run they're going to take a huge beating. In the long run, they're going to have to reinvent themselves and put out a better product.


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