What, exactly, is it then?

"This race is not a personality contest.":

He's right. I suppose this race should be about experience then.

“You know, this whole résumé contest is not what the American people are looking for"

OK, so personality is out. Experience is out. That leaves us with...um..Barry? Help me out here.


Joe M said…
I'll take "Stances on Issues" for $800, Duffy.
donviti said…
you've gotten bitter man..very bitter. Not as bad as hube, but bitter none the less.
Duffy said…
Bitter? Really? I'd say I'm skeptical, even cynical. It's the galling hypocrisy I can't stand.

Joe: Stances on the issues is fine so long as we dispense with all the other crap. Just say that he's not qualified but he'll step up to the challenge. I don't believe that if elected, Obama would be the first guy in the White House that wasn't really ready.

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